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Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration has become enormously popular in the last 15 years. Traditional methods include core or tine
aeration. This involves the mechanical removal of soil plugs or cutting slits through the upper layer of the soil.

The primary purpose for soil aeration is to increase water and air exchange into the root zone. By accomplishing this, the soil is able to respirate or aerate more efficiently.  Common sense dictates that due to the spacing and depth of the core aerator tines, it does make sense that only limited aeration can be achieved!

A lawn should be aerated at least once to twice annually.  If you dug an area out of your lawn and back filled it with fresh new soil and seeded it, once established that area would always grow lusher and greener than the remaining turf surrounding it.  Of course you have introduced new grasses into the renovated area but what is really
happening is a change in growth as a result of the fresh air and stimulated microbial activity in the area you dug out.

Predominately, we aerate a lawn to:

  • Relieve surface compaction
  • To encourage new root growth
  • To increase rooting depth
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Reduce the build up of thatch below the surface
  • Improve the infiltration rate of water into the soil
  • Improve drainage
  • Improve gaseous exchange between the soil and atmosphere
  • Stimulate the soil bourne microbes and their activity which are so important in creating a healthy soil

Aeration is the key to healthy turf and lawns.